Our Quartets

We have a number of great quartets in The Golden Crescent Chorus that we are very proud of. They are available to perform as well. If your next event would be enhanced by some intimate four-part harmonies, have a look our quartets:


South Shore 4


The Matinee Idols

Dan Trakas, Tenor; Kirk Roose, Lead; Rod Nixon, Baritone and Al Downey, Bass

Senior International Finalists in 2013

Their history goes back to  before 1975, when this Quartet took the Silver Medal in Dayton for the Johnny Appleseed District.

Revived in 1982 with the addition of Kirk as Lead, Rod switched to baritone.

In 2012 The Matinee Idols qualified as a Senior Quartet and won the JAD Seniors Quartet Championship, which allowed them to compete in The International competition in 2013.



The Lorain 4

A quartet with a variety of participants, typically anchored by our Directors, Kirk Roose, Gene Pearce, Carl Ondrus, Larry Coleman and MIke Wagner. But you might find any of the chorus members singing your favorites in 'The Lorain 4'.


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