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The Golden Crescent Chorus is a membership organization of male singers, who meet regularly to practice, perform, socialize, and have fun. We currently have over 50 singers of all walks of life, and all parts of the Greater Lorain area, including Avon, Avon Lake, Amherst, Bay Village, Elyria, Grafton, Huron, North Ridgeville, Sheffield Lake, Vermilion and of course, Lorain!



The main purpose of The Golden Crescent Chorus is to get out and sing for our community, raising awareness of our wonderful style of singing - Barbershop!. We sing at annual shows, a number of community events, private events and we have quartets that sing at annual competitions. We also perform Singing Valentines! We are available to sing at your next function or event. If you're looking for a unique musical experience to liven up your event, please check out our Hire Us section.


In addition to sharing our music with others, another great passion of ours is learning more about the art of acapella singing. Vocal instruction is a regular part of chorus rehearsals, and a very important component of the chorus experience. In addition to our regular directors, we occasionally get coaching from a visiting master in the art of barbershop, where we learn many fabulous tricks of the trade.

Competitionlogo toronto smIn the past, The Golden Crescent Chorus has participated chorus competitions. And Chorus members have competed in the Quartet Competitions in our Johnny Appleseed District. Over Easy and TMI have won the District Senior Title in recent years, qualifying for International Competition. You probably know that Over Easy WON the 2011 International Senior Gold Medal!

Competitions are a special time for quartets and choruses from our region to come together to sing for each other, and get some constructive feedback from a panel of judges. Even if not competing, the event is a big attraction for BarberShop singers.

This year, the International Competition will be held in Toronto. Click here to learn more.


Most choruses have a number of members who form their own vocal quartets in addition to singing with the chorus. The Golden Crescent Chorus currently is home to a number of wonderful quartets, and we are very proud of them! Click here to see our quartet section to learn more about them.



The Golden Crescent Chorus is a chapter of Barbershop Harmony Society, a non-profit organization of approximately 25,000 members in choruses and quartets, worldwide. The Headquarters is in Nashville, TN.


Golden Crescent Chorus History

A Bit of History about the Lorain Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society:


The history of the Lorain Chapter is divided into two parts. The first was founded in 1943 by the Honorable Harry Van Wagen, who was Mayor of Lorain. It wasn’t a matter of City Hall issuing a civic mandate that all males must enroll, but an invitation that went out by word of mouth and, perhaps, via newspaper. With the USA so greatly involved in WWII and Lorain being a beehive of activity, especially at the steel mill, men needed a bit of recreation and a number of men from US Steel joined the chapter. The Chapter became popular and before long there were 50 members.


Some of the early quartets were called “Rusty Pipers” and “The Steel Blenders,” showing the connection the men had to US Steel. Over the years there have been and still are members with US Steel background.


The first chapter show was held on Oct. 27th, 1945 and there are records of shows in ’47 and ’48 as well.


In the late ‘40’s, early 50’s, the chapter broke up and some who wanted to continue singing the barbershop style went into the Elyria chapter. Those years were plagued by “all work and no play” as the American industries worked to rebuild the World after the war and the changes in society seemed to threaten so much of what was right with the world.


From 1958 to the present, however, there has been a 2nd chapter in the history of Barbershop Singing in Lorain. Robert Grey – “Bob” – was the man who organized the rebirth. He directed the chorus for 3 years before moving to San Diego. Since then there have been a few directors, but the longest standing has been Gene Pearce, who has been our director since 1970. There have been others who have waved their arms in front of the chorus, Harold Long still warms us up, and Carl Ondrus has been our Associate Dir. for many years, but Gene has been the real mainstay.Most recently, Kirk Roose has been our Principal Director, bringing his many years of arranging, directing and general "barbershopping" to the Chorus.


The Lorain chapter has put on an annual show every year since its’ rebirth beginning with “Flying Saucers of 1959-60” to the present. Our shows always have a theme and usually consist of “Headliner Quartets”, quartets that have competed on the International and/or the District level, Chapter quartets and 10 to 12 songs sung by our chorus. Putting on a show is the biggest endeavor for the chapter each year and the duties are many and are shared by many in the chapter. Our shows had been held in High School Auditoriums for many years, but in 1977, when the Lorain Palace Civic Center opened, we became the first organization to perform there on an annual basis.


The Chorus was called “The Lorain Harborsharpers Chorus in 1961 and became the Golden Crescent Chorus in 1974, when Lake Erie’s southern shore, from Sandusky towards Cleveland, was so named by the editor of the Lorain Journal. We have sung for many a grand occasion in the area and continue to sing at nursing homes, retirement centers, and at members’ churches in the summer. We have sung in Small Chorus competition over the years and took 1st place in the JAD in 1990, the year Gene Pearce was honored as the JAD Director of the Year. A few years ago our membership grew to over 50 putting us in the Large Chorus category, and ‘tho we no longer compete, we will occasionally go to Columbus in the Spring as a “mic-tester” chorus.


Most of the information in this brief history was compiled by a former President of the Lorain Chapter, the late Rev. Bob Happel, who said in his notes, “Forgive me if this sounds a bit boastful but, at the same time, I want you to know it is a good group of guys who sing and who have a care for one another.” This holds true today, and to our guests he would say, “Welcome to this goodly heritage of song and fellowship.”

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